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When we talk about saree, we instantly start imagining a  very feminine attire with a lot of poise and elegance. Though these are true, it is also a fact that saree clad women have fought in battles with an ease. Saree is that one garment that takes the shape of you. Thus, you can drape it however you are comfortable, take a step out of the conventional drapes and style a saree your way!

Saree your way

For the first time, photographer Kasturi Mukherjee turns muse and faces the camera for Prêtcurry and becomes a part of the #RealWomen series.

Alternative saree style

As a petite androgynous dresser, Kasturi has overcome lots of hurdles and questions over the passing years. She finally started finding things that suit her and unapologetically owns her style.

Alternative saree style

When Photographer Agnisha Basak & I approached her for a saree shoot, she very unhesitantly agreed. She carries herself with much confidence and doesn’t mind where her shoulder ends.

Alternative saree style

Saree your way…

Alternative saree style

Blouses aren’t her thing so clubbed her favourite blue t-shirt with a mint green saree. Instead of the conventional pallu on the side, draped it around her neck with a touch of a checkered bow!

Saree and boots

The classic brown ankle boots visually give her that extra bit of length and looks oh-so-chic!

Alternative saree style

Fun Fact: Kasturi was the first person I approached to work with for Prêtcurry. Loved the way she framed her subjects and fearlessly kept her originality intact.

Alternative saree style

I draped the saree in a dhoti style for the lower body keeping in mind her comfort level. Clubbed it with a white shirt for the second look and gave a lil’ cute touch with these fun bows from HowrahBridge.

Alternative saree style

Who says you can’t carry bag packs with sarees?! Drape a saree your way and own your style like this young lady here.

Alternative saree style

” If someone drapes it like this, I don’t mind wearing sarees more often” – Kasturi

Face | Real Women: Kasturi Mukherjee

Photographer: Agnisha Basak

Stylist and Blogger: Ingela Biswas


Do you love sarees? leave us a comment on how you like to wear them 🙂

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