Thinking of getting out of that heat box & experiencing a chilly summer?

Sitting in Kolkata (India), with summer at its peak, all we can think of is which cooler destination we can run off to! Have you already booked a place? Still planning? Well, plan your trip and pack your bags!

Summer-winter Fashion

But are you thinking of all the winter clothes you would have to pull out? I know. The struggle is very real!

So fear not my ladies, I have got you sorted. Here are two winter-y looks that you can assemble with your existing summer wardrobe and minimal hassle.

Look 1: Grab your sexy summer skirt

Club it with a pair of warm tights/stockings or even skinny pants, whichever works for you. Pair it with any complimentary tee/top and pull over a cute poncho. You are ready and set to go!

Style tip: Use complementary colour combos for your pants and let them play peek-a-boo. Here she is wearing a pair of leggings underneath a side slit skirt. The trick is to layer it up!

Summer-winter Fashion

Always think creatively to get more life expectancy out of a garment.

Before we head on to the second look, meet Soumi, a bright strong young lady. By the age of 23, she has experienced a bucket full of life changing scenarios. Having lost her father during her teens, she single-handedly took charge of her family. And hasn’t look back ever since. She lives one moment at a time and takes life with a pinch of salt.

Summer-winter Fashion

Soumi reached out to me over Pretcurry’s Instagram and we met soon after. We had a long chat on a lovely afternoon and felt really strong after our meet. I have learned a lot of things from all these amazing #REALWOMEN and Soumi has made me realize it’s alright to lead the life at your own pace.

Trivia: No wonder we finally made the shoot happen one year post our meet!

Summer-winter Fashion

Which brings us to our,

Look 2: Keep those warm tights on,

Pull up a pair of palazzo pants on top and pair it up with a basic tee. Wear your funky jacket (or not, depending on your style) and you are good to go.

Summer-winter Fashion

This look is good for a city vacation or just a night out in general.

Summer-winter Fashion

Moreover,  in cold places with so much fabric wrapped around your body, it’s best to opt for minimal or no accessory look. In such cases wearing statement clothes can be a pretty powerful style expression.

Summer-winter Fashion

Hope you enjoyed these two looks and tag us in Insta or FB if you decide to redo this look for yourself. Would love to see your style!


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Photographer: Agnisha Basak

Face | #RealWomen: Soumi Sen

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas


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