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It’s that time of the year again! Can you smell it in the air? Spring is coming… and so is Spring Detox!

Spring Flowers

…Deactivating Hibernation mode.

Oh, can’t wait for spring to come. But, what is it that makes Spring such a universally loved season? Is it the freshness in the air (though it’s mostly polluted if you live in a{ny} city).

Is it the new harvest coming in the local market?

Spring Harvest

Maybe the colourful festivals on its way, huh?

Spring wedding

Or are you secretly bored of the wedding season? :p

Spring Indian wedding

Well, I feel it’s all the above! Also with just the right balance of cool & warmth, this is the only time before humidity strikes up (if you are in Kolkata & alike). Thus it’s the best time of the year to fall in love. No, not mentioning Valentine ’s Day is in the corner, but to start new things.

Spring fashion

In this coming season of new beginnings, let’s be honest. We have been partying, traveling, chilling and stuffing ourselves at the weddings.

It’s time for some Spring Detox

So that summer is little more bearable. Also, tweak below suggestions as per your lifestyle.
  • Let’s start by eating healthy and less on the junk. I Know, I know, still few more weddings left, but, it’s alright. Take baby steps; include fruits and locally produced vegetables in your daily diet. Don’t forget to drink loads of water! Spring shopping
  • Secondly, no amount of makeup can hide your tiredness or lethargy. So catch up on your long-lost sleep cycle. No wonder they say 8 hours of “beauty” sleep. Keep your mind fresh and body rejuvenated.

Spring detox

  • Skin care. Detoxifying our largest organ is so crucial but often neglected. Remember 4 basic things: Cleaning – scrubbing (occasionally) – toning – moisturizing. Below are few organic products that our dearest friend and Makeup Artist Saman Hassan swears by. Check our Instagram space for a detailed post on each of these products.

Skin care products

  • Coming to Fashion. After so many weddings and the party season, we need some rest to our sore eyes and body. This spring detox your fashion scene. Keep it light, keep it simple.

Spring fashion

Fashion Tip: Classic Spring style, something that will never go out of fashion is Floral print.

Spring fashion

  • Not going to ever ask you to buy new things every season, unless it is sustainable and here to stay. One such thing is Transparent socks!  Trust me it’s amazing, you can wear it in summers and winters (over another sock). It just makes your dull footwear look so much better also it’s highly affordable.

transparent socks

Also, it’s perfect if your partner has foot fetish 😉

Transparent socks

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  • Now that winter is over, we are a bit more active. Incorporate light exercise (to start with) as a daily routine. Be it yoga, Jog, walks, Pilates – Just start! But if you are a lazy bum like me then here is a Tiny Trick. Keep it alternate days, so that our brain gets trained to think “I have to do it today since I didn’t do it yesterday”.
  • Lastly, ambiance. Your surroundings will matter a lot in how you line up your day. So I suggest, keep indoor plants, bring in fresh flowers, light some incense sticks, fairy lights, etc – at work and/or home. Whatever works for you.

Spring detox

Hope this Spring Detox helps you fight the winter hangover!

Spring Detox

Share your tricks & tips to detox with us & spread the love 🙂

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee

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