Colourfully Wrong | Part 2

Prêtcurry x Wrongo


WrongoWrongo, a one-stop destination for quirky accessories that travels all the way from the local & tribal Indian craftsmen and makes a hand-made journey to become a part of your life. Each piece is exclusively a one-off and sometimes made with very rare & antique elements. Shreya Goswami & Sanchita Halder as co-owners of Wrongo wants to bring back the old & lost craftsmanship of India, in an age of cheap mass production. They mostly use metals like Roopdosta, Dokra and German silver.



Through Shreya (Wrongo’s designer), I happen to meet Purba Ray Chaudhuri, another happy and loyal customer of Wrongo. As her Facebook profile says, “Blogger, social media strategist, content solutions provider, photography enthusiast, bibliophile”. This 45 yrs old Entrepreneur left her 20yrs of experience in the IT world, to open up ‘Melange Solutions’ – a digital media & social media marketing company in partnership with one of her old friends. Purba, as you can imagine, is another such example of a woman of substance, who juggles her personal life & her very hectic professional life like a pro and manages to keep herself lively and outgoing! On the day of the shoot, she dropped her 9 yr old son to school in the morning, got ready in just 10mins completed the shoot and left for work immediately – and all of this in a matter of 3 hours (can you imagine)!!

She loves to do things differently and keeps challenging the conventional way of life. She also has a lovely collection of handloom and cotton sarees, and this purple & green combo is one of them. Her love for unconventional things made her buy from Wrongo and she’s wearing two neckpieces out of all the ones that she has collected over the past one year. The first one is a two-tier cord neckpiece with metal rosettes. I have clubbed it with a second one with this antique coined neckpiece, which Shreya found on her Jaipur trip. To complete the look she’s wearing a silver nose ring from her own personal collection.




Talking of unconventional things, I have made her wear traditional earrings (from Jaipur by wrongo) with a very smart formal look. It gives you that one bling factor to brighten the whole outfit. She’s wearing a cotton stretch top with a pair of cotton straight pants and a smart checked jacket with Chinese collar. I kept the shades in a dull blue and grey keeping in mind the heat of Kolkata summers and office formals. Since she had very less time in hand, I made her dress to go for her work directly without the need to change.


This kinda look is good for your team meets, board meetings or on your presentation days where all the eyes are on you. As I always keep saying, “look good, feel good, work well”! And if you have missed the Part 1 of this article, go and find out about yet another such strong woman wearing her Wrongo collections.




label: Wrongo

Designer: Shreya Goswami

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Posed by: Purba Ray Chaudhuri

Photographer: Sayan Dey

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