Colourfully Wrong | Part 1

Prêtcurry x Wrongo




WrongoW-rong-o, “colourfully wrong and a lil’ more”, as the partners in crime Shreya Ghoswami & Sanchita Halder, likes to put it. Their facebook(link below) page says: “Wrongo was born out of the love of quirk, theatrics, and wrongdoings of life, we thrive on surprising each other and… you!”. Truly the first time I saw the jewellery I was taken aback by how wonderfully different they were. The designing partner, Shreya is a travel junkie and she keeps picking up unusual & authentic gems and beads from all over the country. All the beads & trinkets are locally produced in India and the main idea “is to make jewellery with local beads and mix- matching tribal pieces to keep the indigenous form alive”, says Shreya. In a market of mass productions, that you mostly see it in any e-commerce sites, Wrongo brings back the old craftsmanship of the tribal which are getting lost in our country.


The beauty of these travel jewellery pieces are that all are one-offs, thus you feel more special wearing them knowing each one is handmade with a story to tell. With different elements beautifully infused together, it makes it versatile to use and merges with lots of different outfits thus giving a full range of options to women of various age groups. They have something for everyone from 16-60 yrs old.


Here we have one such happy customer of Wrongo, Ipshita Banerjee Bhandary. A self-made entrepreneur, and a copy writer by profession. She founded Adva Communique in 2009, a niche boutique creative agency and runs it with her husband. She dons many feathers, writer by day, dreamer by night, chef in between and a newborn mother at all times! She loves to travel and articulates those in well known travel magazines as a freelance columnist. Ex-journalist and PR person. At the moment she helps corporates style their branding and positioning and tailor makes strategies for effective brand and corporate communication. She also runs a resort which she likes to call a farm stay with her husband and also does popups in the city that are innovative and have a theme. Her 1st popup was a stupendous success and she plans to do many more in future. She believes in fusion food and reinventing lost recipes. She is also the mother of a newborn whom she carries to work and declares it makes her more productive and her work highly superior! The first time I met Ipshita, was on her regular working day outside her office, and I was fascinated to see her wearing a beautiful shade of teal kajal. I have seen very few women experiment with eye colours, but this 37yrs old lady doesn’t like to be defined by one thing, thus when I approached her to feature in this blog she was all game for it.

Coming back to Wrongo, Ipshita is sporting few pieces from the collection that she has collected over the last 1 year from Wrongo. With her lovely pink dhakai taant saree, she is wearing this quirky yellow 3 tier-ed neckpiece with coins and spikes on the sides from Wrongo. The coins are from Bastar, a small district of Chattisgarh, India which possesses a unique blend of tribal and odia culture.



The beauty of a saree is that you can always accessories your waist (if you want), hence she is wearing a dangler just beside her pleats. This piece was actually made as a ‘maang-tika (head accessory) but because of its versatility, it can be used tactfully differently.


WrongoIpshita also has an undying love for white sarees and has a collection of all shades of white. She recently bought this white upada saree and was waiting for an occasion to wear it, and soon Prêtcurry came into the picture. Her love for experimentation and my love for draping, made me style her in a slightly different drape from the Mundane. She is wearing a short paisley printed kurta with a long droopy pleated pallu. Accompanied by some of the extraordinary infused metals from Wrongo.Wrongo


She is wearing an armband with antique coin trinkets weaved with cotton threads and fabric. Shreya found those coins from her grandmother’s collection and welded them from an old delhi market to make them as trinkets! Ipshita loves collecting accessories from all the places she travels to and sometimes also picks up the ones that she can’t immediately think of wearing it with (like the most of us). One such item is this beautiful long metal piece that she is wearing it as a broach. Originally they are long statement earrings, made with metals found in Rajasthan and Hampi. Though she doesn’t like wearing such long danglers, yet she couldn’t resist herself from buying such a beauty and eventually came up with the idea of wearing it as a broach. She confidently does things her way and completely owns up her choices. As a part of her own personal collectives, she showed me a bunch of beautiful silver pieces of jewellery, of which I loved the flower Jhumka (earring) that she is sporting with the white saree. She bought them from an old antique shop, somewhere in central Madhya Pradesh.







Thus every piece of Wrongo’s jewellery travels with a story and makes a hand-made journey to finally be a part of your life! You can find some of these exclusive Wrongo jewelleries, retailed at Basil – the furniture store (another incredible space with a story to tell behind every piece of furniture, off southern Avenue, Kolkata).




Stick around for the part 2 from the Wrongo series where we bring you another such strong lady re-defining the idea of ageing and an individualistic woman with an urban sense of style! In the meantime, read about the woman behind these quirky designs, here.


label: Wrongo

Designer: Shreya Goswami

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Posed by: Ipshita Bhandari

Photographer: Rajat Mitra accompanied by Kaustav Sen





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