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Do you love Indian weaves and are looking for something minimal & elegant to wear? Then look no further as I introduce you to this label – RINISEAL by Rini Seal, based out of Kolkata. It is a perfect blend of the contemporary and the traditional. The simple, clean silhouettes of her garments go hand-in-hand with ethnic weaves. The clothes are re-interpretations of cultural influences and showcase an interesting amalgamation of the Indian elegance and the western free spirit. They are essentially for the experimental young urban mind, and to that end, infuse a sense of quirk even into everyday fashion wear.

Rini Seal


Reeti – a policy professional, an entrepreneur who specializes in written content and an amazing tour guide (contact her for some incredible tours in Kolkata & Mumbai). She completely enjoyed wearing Rini’s Label seeing how perfectly it fits her like a glove, absolutely tailored to perfection. Reeti is a dynamically talented bright person and has a million dollar smile. She more often than not finds herself in a male-dominated work environment, which makes it challenging to infuse quirkiness into her professional attire. She was quite happy to see Rini’s work of art, and we chose the designs that not only suits her body type but the idea that it can be worn as semi-formal wear as well. “Look good – eat good – work well” : Motto of my life!


Riniseal Designs


This Black and grey hand-weaved dress, completely serves the idea of a work wear turned into a dinner dress. Just by putting on a dangling earring you are good to go for that office dinner or a weekday date – makes you plan a scene! And the best part is it has a pocket (why can’t more designers incorporate pockets, I wonder)



Rini SealLabel – RINISEAL, came to its existence in the year 2009, thus with so much experience Rini has mastered the art of cuts and designs thus ending up with such beautiful shapes that fits universally to most body type. Being a heavy chested woman, Reeti finds it very difficult to find clothes that flatter her body type, but she was so comfortable throughout the shoot in those dresses. It not only looks good but gives you so much character once it’s worn. As you can see, Reeti is looking majestic wearing this beautiful teal cut-away dress. The hand-woven texture makes it look even more exquisite.

Riniseal designs



The contemporary designs and their versatility ensure that you can wear them on different occasions – which is great! Since we don’t want to be stuck with a pair, which we can barely wear anywhere. Make it a day wear or an evening dress, just by accessorizing it appropriately.Riniseal designs



Rini thinks about those tiny little requirements like this teal dress has a strap holder for your bra strap so that you don’t need to wear a transparent one or keep re-adjusting and can feel comfortable throughout the day. You know it’s those simple things that makes a huge difference. Along with that she never forgets to add a pinch of quirkiness to the designs – be it a fun cut or metal zippers! The best part about RINISEAL is every dress has a pocket. Let’s face it ladies, we all hate it when our pants or dresses doesn’t have a pocket no matter how much we like the designs. We all want them, need them and Rini acknowledges and implements them in her designs!


The label that is functional, affordable, and tailored to perfection – A complete eclectic women’s wear.





 Stay tuned for part 2 of the series where we bring you the joy of versatility in wearing monotones! 


Label : RINISEAL by Rini Seal

Stylist & Author: Ingela Biswas

Photographer: Shailpik Biswas

Face | Real Woman: Reeti Roy

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