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Nandini is a young and talented freelance fashion designer, stylist and consultant. Her beautiful soul and strong body language win everyone’s, heart. Even though she comes from mostly a superficial industry like mine, but she absolutely owns and celebrates her curves and doesn’t shy away from experimenting at all. Just the day before we were supposed to shoot, she surprisingly sends me a picture of her newly tri-colored hair, and keeps proving my point that she never shies away from making any bold statement, which is great! One should keep re-discovering themselves and expressing in whichever form they feel comfortable.




If you are an apple shaped body type like Nandini, then long skirts should be your best friend. They truly compliment the lower torso and are super comfortable to move around. She’s flaunting this beautiful blue-pleated-silk skirt and topping it up with a black off-shoulder top. The high-low hem of the top gives a nice flow and sits very rightfully on your body. We all have our problem areas that we want to hide and these kinda tops are just the thing to make that possible. The best part about this top is it can be worn in different ways – you can tie a knot at the side; make it both side off-shoulder or wear it as a cowled neck tee. Depending on the occasion change it how you please, since it takes the form of your body it gives you the flexibility of choices.



Nandini recently scored this chunky golden neckpiece from Bolpur (a town on the outskirts of Kolkata) and couldn’t wait to show it to me because she knows I will absolutely fall in love and wasn’t wrong at all. With a statement piece like that, one doesn’t need to wear anything else. Thus I kept the rest pretty simple with just a simple wrist cuff to balance out the ensemble. Finally finishing the look with black pumps, doesn’t it feel super simple yet chic?!

Chic - Fashion



fashion chic

You can easily transform this evening look to a day outfit by changing the black top into a white and minimising the accessories. Moreover, instead of the black pumps, wear a pair of comfortable beige flats along with nude lips and you are good to go for a lunch date 🙂




The secret ingredient for a simple yet chic fashionable look – is your confidence! “When you love and accept yourself when you know who really cares about you, and when you learn from your mistakes, then you stop caring about what people who don’t know you think.” — Beyoncé to Interview


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Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee

Face| Real Women: Nandini Sengupta

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