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Sarvajaya, is a photographer by profession & a single mother of a bright 9 year old and my very first face for Real Women. The beautiful cape top that you see, is actually one of her skirts! Since she suffers from psoriasis, she chooses not wear anything that exposes her legs, thus she couldn’t wear this skirt for a long time now. But, I absolutely fell in love with the print and got the idea of wearing it like a top!

Well, we all know how it feels when we open our wardrobe and pull out every clothes and shout out… “uggh!! I don’t have anything to wear”. In times like these or in similar cases like sarva’s, re-defining your clothes is a very good alternative for real women like us, who all have things we might want to cover it up!

real women

So go ahead experiment – wear that long wrap-a-round skirt like a dress, make more cape tops out of midi skirts…see what works in your wardrobe!


For her I have clubbed it with black stockings and ankle-length boots & a pair of simple long earrings. Perfect for your sexy dates/ going out with your girls or just a put you hair down look! This look can be also be made into a casual attire by clubbing it with a pair of shorts/denim.


Don’t be afraid to work it! Even though she has a skin condition, she knows how to look sexy and by far she’s one of the prettiest lady I know. Comment below to share ideas or pictures if you have done this before.


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Photographer : Kasturi Mukherjee  &  Sayan Dey

Face: Sarvajaya Chaudhuri

MUA : Saman Hasan

Stylist & Author : Ingela Biswas


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