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Triparna is a final year student of Bachelor of Science degree. She stands high at 5 ft. There are tons of article on Petite fashion & style throughout the world wide web and most of their concerns are related to not looking tall enough. I have personally met on numerous occasions, petite women wearing extraordinarily high heels and justifying it by saying “Oh! you won’t understand…” Well, to all those women out there, NO!! Definitely NO. looking tall enough isn’t always grace enough. Irrespective of height, what matters is embracing yourself in your skin.



petite fashion







Humbly understood, in these times when body evaluation and criticism is a huge social `criteria, it’s more obvious to doubt yourself. But, regardless not much can be changed or even more so should be changed.


If sticking to a few clothing options is your worry as a petite woman, then It’s time it was thought of as otherwise.


Body type and height do not determine limitations. this goes out to everyone. A little change and change of confidence can make a huge difference.


Triparna is wearing a multi coloured, sombre, long, wrap-a-round skirt. The look, however, was altered a little from the usual long skirt. I styled the look by having her wear the skirt high-waisted to give her torso a more slender look. And, the bright yellow tank top accentuates her torso even further. Finally completing the look with a plaid over-sized shirt, ending with a quaint look. The choker without earrings completes the balance. And those brown tied ups get the show walking.










I love layering cause it’s more practical, you can take it off or keep it on. And gives the look a bit more character.



consequently, you can also do the same trick with maxi dresses, just put a belt on your high waist or pull the midi skirts a Lil’ high up. Team it up with a shirt/ short jacket / long shrugs. So go ahead, mix and match and don’t shy away from trying longer garments.






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Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee

Face | Real Woman: Triparna Singha Chowdhury

Stylist: Ingela Biswas






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