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Boho Chic styleSinger – Songwriter Sukanya, absolutely fits into this boho chic look! She not only has an immensely talented voice but also got lucky with her mixed Assamese & Bengali genes, hitting everything at the right place! I still remember the first time we met, I was instantly drawn to her beautiful young soul. And I just knew I had to capture this energy about her.


Just like her, we all love our comfort clothes. Especially in this scorching heat of summer. Thus this simple boho look with a bit of a twist becomes a perfect ensemble for an easy-breezy, summer dressy look!

Boho Chic


She is wearing a cotton Kalamkari wrap-a-round skirt, teamed up with a green & gold short kurta.


Boho Head band

But how do you turn this simple boho look, dressy and chic?

By accessorizing it. Simple! Knot a bright head scarf (or use a stole). I have added a contrast beaded neck piece over the scarf to make it look a little dressy. If you have long hair you can always make a low bun and wear the scarf in a similar way. It’ll give you a much-needed relief from the hot & humid summer. Since the headgear is so elaborate, I have kept the rest pretty simple by adding just an armlet into the equation. And a simple Jooti (flat embroidered ballerinas) for keeping the comfort quotient all the way through.

Boho Chic


In the same way, find out pieces from your wardrobe and try in a flick of a switch this simple Boho chic look!


This can be a good outfit for outdoor events and is a great alternative day look. In order to make it into an evening look, simply layer a shirt/jacket on top and you are good to go!

Kalamkari skirtBoho fashion



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Boho Chic







Photographer: Shailpik Biswas

Stylist & Author: Ingela Biswas

Face | Real Women: Sukanya Bhattacharya

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