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Plus size fashion



Kalpita works as a legal assistant in Pune and is a dear friend of mine. She has a happy-go-lucky persona and can make anyone laugh! I have always seen her carry herself and her clothes with such ease & style, completely embracing her petite (5’1″) and plus size body shape.




plus size petite fashion



Maxi dresses (and skirts) are a summer staple. They are comfy, yet chic. Simple, yet sassy. Versatile, yet classic. Some plus size girls avoid them completely in fear but believe me when I say this – there are various maxi dresses for all shapes and sizes.

As a plus size petite women, don’t say “Nay” without giving it a chance to play!

For girls like Kalpita, with heavier chests, try maxis without the belt or a tie up (belts will make the bust more prominent by highlighting the area)and the ideal length should be a little above the ankle so that you can show-off your pretty shoes as well. And it gives a break to the eyes too.

Along with the tube maxi dress, I teamed it with an abstract printed long body-hugging shrug (you can also use shirts/jackets/vests) for coverage. This is a great way to wear long shrugs if you are a plus-sized petite women. And don’t run away from intricate prints either, just balance it out with a monotone dress.


plus size fashionMy favourite hairstyle is a bun (high or low doesn’t matter) – It’s simple, quick and best for summers! Finally, to complete the look, I finished it with a few accessories and gave her nude pumps for a day look. It can easily be turned into an evening outfit just by changing the shoes to something elaborate, letting your hair down and teaming it all up with a clutch or a side sling – and you are good to go!



plus size petite fashionFUN FACT: I have repurposed a long skirt into this beautiful tube dress she’s wearing. So if you can’t find a maxi dress which hits you at all the right places, then go to the long skirt section and see if anything suits your taste and body type. Always remember one fashion rule: that there are none! Try and wear any type of garment till it compliments your body. In simpler words – keep experimenting without any fear!

Read my other article where I have similarly manipulated and repurposed a midi skirt into a cape top. 🙂


plus size fashion


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Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee

Face | Real Woman: Kalpita Kanjilal

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas



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