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Alternative sareeShreya, 35, likes to describe herself as “an urban nomad based out of Calcutta, an aspiring Supertramp, a painter at heart and photographer by choice”. With travel came the need for visual storytelling, but photography alone wasn’t enough to express the experiences hence she started experimenting in mixed media printing process and making some amazing travel jewellery (which will soon get featured in the blog). As you can imagine she is a person with a lot of layers and it reflects in, how she carries herself also. Her sense of style is very personalised and doesn’t shy away from experimenting and is always filled with ideas. We captured few corners of her room to show you how grunge and full of heart she is in real life.



Being a Bengali herself, she has grown to love her sarees(just like me and so many of you out there regardless of the community you belong to). Sarees I feel compliments every woman with any body type since it takes the shape of the body it is draped onto and the best part- No Size Issues!  It is something that you can wear it for dressier occasions as well as casual just by changing few key items.



Shreya over here is flaunting the saree in a very indie look with lots of layers. If you were looking for saree inspirations and you love to experiment then go ahead read the whole article. I draped the saree quite high enough from the front to show the trippy black and white checkered leggings from underneath. Teamed the red and black handloom saree with a grey semi sequenced bra-let and layered it up with a cotton weaved multi-color summer jacket (put it on or leave it – your choice).





Accessorized the outfit with a few silver jewellery for more of a Bad-Ass Basanti look, as I like to call it. I find nose ring extensions so cool but unfortunately, they are used very rarely nowadays. Thus it was a pleasant surprise when I found one in her accessory collection and look how she is sporting it like a boss! Though by now it’s not surprising for me whenever Shreya shows me something interesting because she has tons of things and every type has dozens of never ending options (not kidding – at all!). Shreya also showed me this silver old style Tiffin Dabba (box) which she found from an Iftar market, that she wishes to use it as a clutch. See what I mean by doesn’t shy away from experimenting – that’s what I love about her! Finally finished the look with a coin armlet (made by her) and a contrasting pair of green converse shoes for she is all about Hop, Skip & Jump!


So go ahead, see what are the things available in your wardrobe and experiment with your look and don’t shy away. If you feel this is not your style then you can always tone it down by excluding the leggings part. And instead of the nose ring, using a statement earring can also create a similar look. Personalise the look, use boots/gladiators or wedges instead of converse, identify your style and have fun!






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Face| Real Women: Shreya Ghoswami

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Photographer: Sarvajaya Chaudhuri

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