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monsoon Blue polka dress

Photo by Sayan Dey

Monsoon has hit us all. The rainy cloud filled skies are here and saving us all from the heat of summer yet we all hate stepping out of the house in this muddy wet weather. Let’s not even think about the struggle of choosing clothes best suited for the monsoon. But then, you can’t let your style quotient go down the drain along with the rain-washed dirty water?!

How to dress best for monsoon?

One word – COLOURS! Beautiful bright colours are the best way to overcome the gloomy overcast skies. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the heavy grey skies hovering over me for too long. It makes me depressed if I don’t see the sun over a stretch of time (damnit, there goes my chance of living at the north/south pole!). But then again we can’t control the rain gods, so let’s take the matter into our own hands.

“Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey“.

Summer is when you stick to pastel shades and light colours for soothing days. Whereas, Monsoon is one of the best times to take out those old wacky colours, which you didn’t know where/when to wear it. Club them with a neutral colour, if you are not too much into experimenting. Or choose from any of the primary colours (red, blue, yellow, green).

Monsoon blue polka dot dress

Photo (left) by Kasturi | Photo (right) by Sayan

Sarvajaya is wearing a pretty blue polka dot dress which falls right till her calf muscles saving her from the risk of getting them wet. keeping it short is the second key to dressing best in monsoon, be it pants/skirt or dress. Along with her dress, she is wearing these comfortable flat rubber shoes, to protect her from the rains!

Managing Hair in the Monsoon gets a little tricky with a number of scalp problems & bad hair days. The best way to tackle your mane is to keep it rolled up. Wash it every day and always dry your hair before leaving in this weather. The third trick is to keep your hair style on point with scarves or ties. It hides your bad hair day problems and sustains them from the dirty & humid air. On top of that, it is bang on trendy!

“If you look good, you feel good!”

Monsoon head gear

Photo by Kasturi Mukherjee


And what about accessories? Well, raincoat & Umbrella are the best accessories you can carry this monsoon. Keep them light, practical and simple!

Monsoon blue polka dress

Photo (left) by Sayan | (right) by Kasturi


be the change. Monsoon blue polka dot dress

Photo by Kasturi Mukherjee

TRIVIA: This shoot happened last year monsoon, but see how this look also works for this season?! Ace-ing a sustainable fashion look is very simple. Invest in basics & classics, that fit you well. And you can mix and match to any season’s trend. “Fashion trends come and go, but style remains”. Discover your own style and own it like a Boss.

Monsoon blue polka dot dress

Photo (left) by Sayan | (right) by Kasturi

Check out Sarvajaya’s previous look, where I redefined her old skirt into a top!

Monsoon blue polka dot dress

Photo by Kasturi Mukherjee


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Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Photographers: Kasturi Mukherjee  |  Sayan Dey

Face: Sarvajaya Chaudhuri

MUA: Saman Hasan



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