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office wear to casual

Sumana is an Independent working woman, who belongs to the hustle and bustle of the corporate world and she hardly gets time for herself. I personally envy corporate people because of their two days long mandatory (much needed) weekend off. But, there are days when an amazing evening party coincides with a very important meeting with the CEO, and you know you won’t get enough time to go home and change. Just by changing few key items transform your office wear to a casual look, with out putting much effort or time!

office wear to evening

What do you do when you have a meeting in the morning and party in the evening?

office wear to eavening

Very simple – Wear a black (or a dark monotone) straight cut dress, with a blazer or smart jacket for your official look. Just when you are about to leave, replace your jacket with a fun stole or a scarf (preferably a colourful one). Open your tied-up hair and let it loose. Change those tiny ear-studs into something dangly – and you are good to go! If you don’t want to carry an extra pair of shoes, then try to wear black pumps, which kind of go with both.

office wear to eveningYes, it might not be flashy, but nothing looks hotter than an independent working woman, who also knows how to let her hair down and #pahrtay!office wear to evening

If your office doesn’t require you to wear corporate formals, something conventional (like Kurta) also works. Yet, you have a similar situation?

Transform your office wear to casual !

Wear those high slit ankle length long kurtas with leggings or pants for your office  and before you leave for your party, loose those pants and show off your sexy legs!semi formal bag

Try and carry a bright semi-formal bag (ideally a structured bag), which will work with both looks.

office wear to evening

Thus, in similar situations (no matter what kind of clothes are acceptable at your workplace) try to choose clothes which can be worn in different ways orcan be clubbed with different things to make them more fun & outgoing!

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Photographer: Sayan Dey

Face | Real Woman: Sumana Bagchi

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas


office wear to casual


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