Summer whites – beat the heat in style!

Summer whiteBhavana is completely rocking this summer white ethereal outfit! She started her acting career at the age of 4yrs, now at 17 she has come a long way in the industry. As you can imagine, she has seen much more than a regular teenager. She has managed to overcome many obstacles and is very much comfortable in her skin. Bhavana has made a place for herself in the industry despite being someone who does not conform to the skinny girl stereotype, and they love her for who she is. She continues to grow and day by day she becomes a stronger personality. Although she faced lots of criticism, even outside the industry, but she has stood her ground and completely embraces her body shape. Confidence and love are the keys here – Spread it and Share it, as I like to say to everyone.



Coming back to what she is wearing, white has always been predominantly the colour of summer. Every time you see white, it has a gentle calming effect and the person looks cool & crisp. If you mix it with few key items – you are ready to step out and beat the heat in style!


Beat the heat, with summer white ethereal style!

Summer style


Bhavna is wearing a white on a white ensemble with paithani kurta and Patiala with a touch of gold – a mix of comfort and chic. Minimalism is the key here, thus she’s only wearing a gold long ear cuff with just a charm bracelet. To break the complete white and define her shape, she is wearing a simple gold kamar bandh (who said they can only be worn on a saree). She’s flaunting bright purple lips complimenting the white & gold attire, finally finishing it off with a simple gold sandal.

Summer white


With it’s greek twist the outfit is suitable for a day event. It can turn into an evening outfit just by changing into covered shoes and carrying a dramatic bag.

white paithani suit


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Photographer: Shailpik Biswas

Face | Real Woman: Bhavana Banerjee

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

MUA: Saman Hasan

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