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It’s November!!! Winter is almost here with Autumn making its last round for the year.  This week, I am here with a slightly different blog than my usual. A long list of Practical Fashion Tips for the cold weather to stay on point with style this season!

Are you excited?! I’m sure most of you like the winter season, unlike me. I don’t hate winters but my body outright rejects it (I’m more of a flip-flop girl). Henceforth I like to mentally prepare myself before fighting the cold, the harsh, the dry, the frizzy with lots of winters hacks up my sleeves.

Without further ado here are some Practical Fashion Tips for the winters:

1. Layering is the key: Not only does it keeps you warm, but also gives you more style opportunities.

Quick Fashion Tip:  either opt for clothes that go in an increasing order of length or decreasing. Meaning if the garment which is closest to your skin is short then the next layer will be longer than that and the next longer than the previous (increasing order) and vice versa.

practical fashion tips for winter

And if you are more into ethnic wear, layer it up with a western style jacket on top. Take inspiration from Debasri Deb, a Kolkata blogger & designer. She nailed this leather jacket-saree style!

practical fashion tips for winter

2. Make practical accessory choices.

Stoles & Caps – they need to be functional yet fun. Pashminas are a great option because of its lightness without compromising on the warmth.

practical fashion tips for winter

Practical Fashion Tips: For winters go for longer & wider scarves and stole, so that you can wrap yourself in them if required!

practical fashion tips for winter

3. The magic of Socks:

It can make or break your look. We all love our strappy sandals and those peep-toe beauties. But we kind of neglect them in the winter. But no more. Get those funky coloured socks and wear it underneath them.

practical fashion tips for winter

Practical Fashion Tips: Longer the better (keeps you warmer). You can also layer up socks and roll down the borders (check below).

practical fashion tips for winter

4. The great feeling of wearing timeless pieces.

Opt for more sustainable & versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Like: Plaids, straight cuts, neutral shades, Boxy sweaters

practical fashion tips for winter

practical fashion tips for winter

TRIVIA: I had bought this plaid poncho jacket last year. See how this jacket will still work for many more years to come?

5. Buckle it up!

Wear your boxy sweaters (or borrow from bf) and buckle a belt on the high waist. A trendy way to style up your loose or chunky winter clothes.

practical fashion tips for winter

6. Roll-Ups: Since in winter we mostly end up layering, let’s show off those patterns and colours.

Roll up the hemlines of your – jacket sleeves, Sweaters or even your trousers!

practical fashion tips for winter


7. Oh, don’t forget the footwear! 

Covered shoes – ankle length or over the knees are winter’s best friend.

Practical Fashion Tip: If you don’t have boots, use an over the knee(or ankle length) socks in the same colour inside your pumps. It will give the same look as of boots.

practical fashion tips for winter

 8. Missing your Summer dresses?

Club your strappy/sleeveless dresses with a shirt underneath. For more warmth just pair it up with a pair of leggings or tights and you are good to go! Check below for some ideas:

practical fashion tips for winter

9. Most vital practical fashion tips to remember is, sunbathing. Not for you, but for your coats!

With so many bulky things we end up wear during the winter, washing them regularly is not an option. You definitely don’t want to stink in your sweat either. Make sure to reverse your jackets before sun washing, it might fade otherwise.


10. The last one is a friendly reminder, to keep your health & skin radiant. To help complement your winter fashion style:

  • Drink lots of water (If it’s difficult to remember during winters. compensate with fresh juices and avoid carbohydrate drinks)
  • Moisturise yourself regularly (I have an extra dry skin, so I oil during bathing and then moisturise with a body lotion after dabbing)
  • Don’t skip the hair conditioner.
  • Try to keep your hair tucked in as much as possible to avoid damage from the dry air.
  • Put on a heavy oil-based lip balm before going off to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed  & found something useful. Click here for more street style fashion

And now I pass it back to you, what are your tips for staying toasty when the temperature drops? What are the best items in your wardrobe for winter weather? What brands or items do you recommend to those who are trying to stay stylish in the cold? 


Blogger: Ingela Biswas

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