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An afternoon, lost in time. Two women 10 years apart from each other share a very similar soul. Their love for Timeless Fashion and conversation on vintage pieces are never-ending.

Timeless fashion

Thus, Shreya & I decided to spend an afternoon getting lost in nostalgia dressed in timeless fashion.

Timeless Fashion

The contradictory fact that timeless styles exist in fashion, while simultaneously sitting outside of rigid trends, just makes the topic seem more intriguing.

Timelss fashion

But, why Timeless Fashion?

Timeless fashion

Is it because it’s simple? convenient? One time investment? Well, Yes, all of these! Sustaining your clothes for years, decades and sometimes centuries is an amazing feeling. On top of that, you are becoming an active part of creating less-shit in our beloved fashion industry.

How to achieve a timeless fashion outfit?

Timeless fashion

Identify which are the few styles that work for you and stick to it. Then, invest in garments that have classic structure or pattern. Tip: tailor-made styles are usually always in fashion!

But does that mean you can’t experiment with the ongoing fashion style?

Timeless fashion

Not really. You can still be relevant to the ongoing trends with a twist of your own style. For example, the black jumpsuit that I am wearing was bought 3 years back, which was and will be relevant to fashion plus or minus 10 years.

Timeless fashion

Other fun timeless fashion things you can invest in are knee high or over the knee socks/stockings. They are fabulous, especially in autumn-winter transition fashion. Tip: Neutral colours work best since you won’t be able to use them throughout the year if you live in a tropical country like India.

Timeless fashion

Timeless Fashion can also be Fun!

Find vibrant classic prints. Stripes, checks, polka dot are the tried and tested prints that you can never go wrong with. You can always experiment with other geometric shapes as well.

Timeless fashion

Did we inspire you enough to dress in some timeless fashion outfits?

time less fashion

A beautiful Sunday afternoon was well spent with this young soul (and Kasturi our photographer friend)! Full of fun, laughter, goofing around and reminiscing about the memories we shared in these old items.

Timeless fashion

Hope you enjoyed reading this. For more such style inspirations click here.

In frame: Artist Shreya Goswami | Stylist & Blogger Ingela Biswas

Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee


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