Upcycle | Sustainable | Fashion… Part 1/3

Pretcurry x Latasita

latasitaLet me introduce Latasita by Meghna Nayak, an upcycle fashion house where beautiful clothes are gorgeously and ethically produced. The clothes are made from upcycled sarees & suits all shapes and sizes!


The first time I discovered Meghna’s clothing line was, through a small exhibition at her old studio about 6 years ago (phew! long time). I completely fell in love with the texture and the designs the moment I laid my eyes on them. The look made, even more, sense to me once I learned about her upcycling story ( watch out for part 2 for more details) ! The USP (unique selling point) of her clothes is that all of them are one-offs. I ended up buying latasita’s signature style adjustable skirt in a light green benarasi silk (similar to the one shown here)


Latasita’s clothing line is all upcycled from old sarees so you can imagine she has a varied range of textiles thus cannot come under a single category. For this reason, I have chosen a few items from her diverse collection for their free-spirited,  sexy, comfortable, feminine and playful look and feel.



The first piece that you can see here is this exquisite turquoise green skirt, which can be adjusted and worn in so many different styles with a khadi top. From my personal experience, it is super comfy and trendy!






Second in line is this bright purple, asymmetrical, one sleeve, silk dress that can also be worn as a kurta. Either way, as it looks so elegant and feminine, it will look great on any body shape & size.


I absolutely love how latasita plays with colour, shape and texture. Stay tuned for Part2 & Part3 … Given the eclectic nature of Latasita’s brand, it will come as no surprise that the look will be very different from what you see here!


latasita latasita






label: LataSita by Meghna Nayak

Model: Juhi Ghosh

Photographer: Kasturi Mukherjee

Tech Assist: Sayan Dey

MUA: Naushaba Aman

Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

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