Back to basic – Keep it cool or dress it up – Part 2/2

Let’s give some long overdue limelight to the very deserving basics in our wardrobe. They are complete time savior, high in comfort level and hassle free. In order to make the basic look effortless and stylish, there are few things to keep in mind.



Loving every single item in your closet is so important, especially when it comes to being effortlessly stylish. I keep saying this, and can’t say it enough but If you feel confident in any and every piece of clothing you own, you’ll always look pulled together.


Incorporating tiny changes in your basic outfit can take it one notch higher. Like Naushaba here is wearing the shirt all buttoned up to the collar with a knot at the bottom and a simple black beaded necklace. Teamed it with black jeans and sneakers. Simple yet stylish. (Check out Naushaba’s other looks in Part1)



They say make every day a good hair day, and I say if you don’t have the time, cheat a Lil’ bit by making a top knot bun. Works every time and looks good with almost every style. Like how Sumana (below) is flaunting this semi-sporty look with a top bun.



When in doubt, about your accessories with your casuals throw a pair of funky shades on your eyes (always works for the daytime). You can open them up in the evening and by just hanging ’em off your shirt or pocket pant, looks cool too. Check out Sumana’s previous looks here!













Most importantly, keep it simple and don’t try too hard – minimalism is the key to the casual-chic look. Saying it again, just carry your confidence and you can rock even the simplest of clothes. Look how Bhavna (below) is completely owning this simple black denim and aqua shirt look.

Check out Bhavana’s previous summer look here.

Fashion Casual

casual Look

So, don’t neglect your basics in the wardrobe, they can do wonders if carried properly!


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Stylist & Blogger: Ingela Biswas

Face | Real women: Naushaba Aman | Photographer: Sayan Dey

Face | Real Woman: Sumana Bagchi | Photographer: Sayan Dey

Face | Real Woman: Bhavana Banerjee| Photographer: Shailpik Biswas | MUA: Saman Hasan

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